2021/Mid-Year Recap... Now onto the future

(Well - hello there again. This isn't a full feature like some of the usual blogs, especially the first one we're putting up after a short hiatus. But consider this just a brief update on things on what we have all been up to while its been silent here.

With that out of the way - let's hear first from our main man, Asher.) 


Hey everyone, it's Asher. I’ve had Adrian write articles for HPT for 2 years now. 2 YEARS! Wow. It was a very new experience every day for all of us during this pandemic. Looking back on this whole year, I started my year off with preparing everything for 2021. However, all the events were… canceled. 

As the year progressed over, meets started to come back, lots of progress with content but overall, it was a slow year for all of us. 

I co-hosted a car meet with All set garage! Jaynel; founder of All set garage, has been my day 1. We used to be those hype beast / hipster kids in highschool riding fixed gear watching aloha fixed videos of Collin - who is the founder/content creator of Dohcresearch in Japan!

This was so much fun!

I was able to make friends who I respected in this industry for while. Just never thought I get to work and connect with these folks I looked up to since I started Hiddenpalmtree. I am so grateful for all the support you all had given us. Without your support, we would not be where we are today.


California is truly beautiful. Different types of vibes compare to Hawaii! I was fortunate to also learn drifting and that was very very fun. Made amazing friends/connections!

Andddd, yes, I visited NYC. That was very spontaneous and needed. Because without that trip to NYC in September, I would not be where I am today. 

Towards the end of the year, we took home our first trophy! It has been a challenging genre to be broken into; static genre. When Alex and his brother Kai first appeared at a car show in 2018, everyone had a lot to say. Back then, the static scene was not a thing at all in Honolulu and it was a brand new introduction made by the Havvisto brothers.


This past Hot Import Nights that was held last December 2021 and we were able to take our first trophy home - as a team! To see someone I have sponsored win, it  means everything to me. I only sponsor people who are challenging a new style; doing something different. And that night, we were able to recognize our first breakthrough in Hawaii scene where -22 cambered static car gets a trophy home. 

Now I am in NYC - the Big Apple. . A big apple. Ready to take this brand globally. New style, branding, direction. Our all Brand nNnew look and direction for Hiddenpalmtree where we focus on featuring different car cultures, drivers, individuals, industries, small businesses and of course, more cars!

We are hoping to make exponential growth this year and I cannot wait for what the future holds! 

That’s all from me now, now its time for Adrian to give his little update!


Why, thanks Asher! Regular readers and supporters of us and our content, it has definitely been a while since you last heard from me here. Not to worry though - while things have been silent on my end, I have been busy. Really busy. Like - I cannot emphasize enough how packed my schedule is now compared to two years ago when I was still a N.E.E.T in transition after graduating university, bored out of my mind and trying to find something to do in between thinking of new features to write up. 

Last time you heard from me, we were in the middle of ‘Never Stop Creating’ right before I planned to take a short break for Chinese/Lunar New Year - you know I got to welcome in the new Zodiac sign as per my Chinese roots. 

I had planned to pick off right after the holiday with the rest of the content creators we were due to feature, but right after that holiday week, a rare opportunity appeared. An opportunity to get involved in something I’ve always been keen to break into, but haven’t really built the network for ; nor know the right people.

No - I’m not talking about becoming an idol or a V-Tuber, that would be crazy and whoever get obsessed with that stuff is just pure f*cking cringe (heh). But if you have been catching up on some of my IG stories of my random bits of life, you might know what I am talking about.

ICYMI - I am now working closely with the team over at Car Farm/Vintage Vehicle Mechanic! A conversation over lunch one weekend, and next thing I know, I find myself working on projects with the Car Farm team - mainly to do what I like doing: creating cool and interesting social media content.


But in case you don’t see me post often as I usually do, or see more of my stories coming from  Car Farm, now you know! 


I’ve also been called away from my usual content duties on HiddenPalmTree due to a number of other side-projects I’ve been working away on, as well some recent - well if you know, personal business that suddenly hit me and my family at the beginning of March.


(More on that later. But if you know - thanks for checking in on me. I’m still trying to deal with it two months on, and still a hell of a lot more we have to get through.) 


But - now that I’ve fully broken in working with the Car Farm team, as well as making some subtle progress on one or two side projects, I think I can get back into things here on HiddenPalmTree - and pick up where I left off on those long awaited features some of you may have been waiting patiently for. So yes - 'Never Stop Creating' will eventually be finished, and we'll hopefully resume getting the remaining content creators featured here in a bit!


Also, considering its been one year since I did my first ever back-to-back series, 'Otaku Month', you may be wondering if we're going to do something similar again. All I will say for now is - watch this space..


And for what else I have in store? Well - the weather is warming up over in Canada, and our man over in Nova Scotia, Davis has been busy as ever behind the camera. More on that later.


Not to mention I too - have picked up my camera once more (outside of Car Farm content duties) and slowly started to get some projects awhile in the making, finally off the ground. Here's a sneak preview..


In short - we got a lot in store to make up for the lack of updates from all of us here! I, Asher, and Davis can't wait to show you all what is in store in the coming months ahead! 


Stay tuned for more updates here at HPT, and once again to our supporters everywhere - from Hong Kong to Hawaii to New York, California, Canada, and more: Thank you!


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