About Us

Asher Uchiyama hiddenpalmtree@gmail.com
Product Designed by Asher Uchiyama
Product Assembled in Honolulu, HI

Asher Uchiyama’s ’93 Nissan 240sx is an indication as to who he is as a person: classic, timeless, and a Japanese car legend to those in the know. 


Born and raised in Japan, Asher is a professional automotive content creator on Oahu. Featured as both a photographer and cinematographer for big names such as Spocom, Wekfest, Donut Media and Superstreet, he combines his experience and passion in his latest venture; Hiddenpalmtree.


With a keen eye for artistry, Asher has developed a distinct style of cinematography. Videos that start off in a hazy, Lo-Fi b-roll are beautifully juxtaposed by compilations of thrilling track-shots, featuring high-speed cars racing through the quiet-night streets of Oahu. Understanding a balance (and true codependency between) performance and beauty, he ends his work by putting the best of the best of Oahu’s cars on full display. 


Not to be overshadowed by his impressive films, his photography is equally unique and beautiful. Sampling from contemporary Japanese stylization, each photo resembles an overexposed film canvas, adding an artistic touch that he recognizes as what the cars deserve. 


The videos and photographs behind Hiddenpalmtree will tell you what Asher’s mission is: a movement highlighting the underground car enthusiasts of Hawaii and the stories that would have otherwise been left untold. 


Have Hiddenpalmtree tell your car’s story by commissioning Asher or a member of his team to make you a personal highlight video for your vehicle. Or, continue to support the mission by purchasing merch and/or car accessories that are updated regularly on the site.