Random JDM fan - Adrian Ma Photography

  • Lucky Sevens - 7s Day NYC 2022

    It has been the longest item on my bucket list to attend this event ever since I started HiddenPalmTree - as I was inspired by creators such Krispy or Halcyon. After seeing them covering this event over the years, I knew one day: I myself would cover this event.
  • Oh Canada - Driven Halifax

    Let’s get this elephant out of the room first - yes, we have bad at keeping up to date with new content here; even though we promised on our mid-year update we would be getting back into things soon! 

    But as summer has started, all three of us have been busy as ever with our lives outside of HiddenPalmTree. Our main guy Asher has been continuing to network in NYC, I myself have been hard at work with the CarFarm team and some other media projects in Hong Kong, and over in Canada, Davis has been busy with school. 

  • 2021/Mid-Year Recap... Now onto the future

    (Well - hello there again. This isn't a full feature like some of the usual blogs, especially the first one we're putting up after a short hiatus. ...
  • Never Stop Creating: Driven with a Vision - Chris Hung (TheDRIVER)

    If there was one word I could use to describe the journey the next content creator has experienced, it would be ‘perseverance’ - a vision to make your dreams finally happen, no matter how long it took, how many pitches have been turned down, or how many doors have been closed. A textbook example of how sticking to a long term goal can eventually pay off. 

  • Never Stop Creating: Driven to Draw - Holeecrab

    Chances are if you’re like me, you have spent a lot of time browsing Instagram’s ‘Explore’ page - scrolling end on end on various photos from similar hashtags or users you already follow. Occasionally, you come across a photo reshared of those generic ‘JDM etc.’ profiles that are just setup to rake in the mass likes and exposure. Or when you keep track and follow a lot of artists & sticker/merch stores, you find yet more artists and brands to note down. 
  • “One Thing Led to Another.." - 2021 In Review

    And just like that - we have come to the end of yet another year. Things are a little different now than they were a year ago. 
  • Never Stop Creating: 'Pump It’ - Frank Thai aka @lord.pump Photography

    “Honestly, just holding my big bulky camera is enough to get me in places nowadays."
  • Show Us More of What You Got - The Cars of SubieShowoff 2021

    With the amount of coverage and things to talk about the first SubieShowoff in a year, I felt it wasn’t enough to write about everything in one go. While I had a lot to talk about over the background and story behind the event, I wasn’t able to give as much attention to the cars themselves; aside from picking a few photos Asher took around the show. 
  • Show Us What You Got - SubieShowoff 2021

    "The Subie Community as a whole has always been a strong, tight knit group; especially our community here in Hawaii. Everyone’s willing to help one another simply because we share a common passion:  the love for our vehicles. That sense of family motivates us every time to come out to support each other." 
  • Expanding to the Great White North - Introducing Davis

    I’m excited to announce we’re making moves to explore the car culture in a new region. Somewhere where if you want donuts and coffee, you don’t go to Dunkins or Krispy Kreme: you go to Tim Hortons. Where it isn’t weird to put cheese and gravy on French fries. 
  • Well this is awkward - I'm Back

    It has been quite a while since the last time you heard from me on HiddenPalmTree. About four months in fact since you heard anything from me related to the blog and the brand. 
  • How to raise a JDM fan - The Impact and Legacy of Initial D

    Let’s go back to ten or fifteen years ago, back when I was a child, during a weekly trip to the local Blockbuster (when physical movie rentals were still a thing). While my parents looked for movies to watch for the week, a VCD disc with images of a car with pop-up headlights, and an orange Nissan S14 Sivlia caught my eye.