Random JDM fan - Adrian Ma Photography

  • 2021/Mid-Year Recap... Now onto the future

    (Well - hello there again. This isn't a full feature like some of the usual blogs, especially the first one we're putting up after a short hiatus. ...
  • Never Stop Creating: Driven with a Vision - Chris Hung (TheDRIVER)

    If there was one word I could use to describe the journey the next content creator has experienced, it would be ‘perseverance’ - a vision to make your dreams finally happen, no matter how long it took, how many pitches have been turned down, or how many doors have been closed. A textbook example of how sticking to a long term goal can eventually pay off. 

  • Never Stop Creating: Driven to Draw - Holeecrab

    Chances are if you’re like me, you have spent a lot of time browsing Instagram’s ‘Explore’ page - scrolling end on end on various photos from similar hashtags or users you already follow. Occasionally, you come across a photo reshared of those generic ‘JDM etc.’ profiles that are just setup to rake in the mass likes and exposure. Or when you keep track and follow a lot of artists & sticker/merch stores, you find yet more artists and brands to note down. 
  • “One Thing Led to Another.." - 2021 In Review

    And just like that - we have come to the end of yet another year. Things are a little different now than they were a year ago. 
  • Never Stop Creating: 'Pump It’ - Frank Thai aka @lord.pump Photography

    “Honestly, just holding my big bulky camera is enough to get me in places nowadays."
  • Show Us More of What You Got - The Cars of SubieShowoff 2021

    With the amount of coverage and things to talk about the first SubieShowoff in a year, I felt it wasn’t enough to write about everything in one go. While I had a lot to talk about over the background and story behind the event, I wasn’t able to give as much attention to the cars themselves; aside from picking a few photos Asher took around the show. 
  • Show Us What You Got - SubieShowoff 2021

    "The Subie Community as a whole has always been a strong, tight knit group; especially our community here in Hawaii. Everyone’s willing to help one another simply because we share a common passion:  the love for our vehicles. That sense of family motivates us every time to come out to support each other." 
  • Expanding to the Great White North - Introducing Davis

    I’m excited to announce we’re making moves to explore the car culture in a new region. Somewhere where if you want donuts and coffee, you don’t go to Dunkins or Krispy Kreme: you go to Tim Hortons. Where it isn’t weird to put cheese and gravy on French fries. 
  • Well this is awkward - I'm Back

    It has been quite a while since the last time you heard from me on HiddenPalmTree. About four months in fact since you heard anything from me related to the blog and the brand. 
  • How to raise a JDM fan - The Impact and Legacy of Initial D

    Let’s go back to ten or fifteen years ago, back when I was a child, during a weekly trip to the local Blockbuster (when physical movie rentals were still a thing). While my parents looked for movies to watch for the week, a VCD disc with images of a car with pop-up headlights, and an orange Nissan S14 Sivlia caught my eye. 

  • Flying High, Burning Out, and Doubt - Life with HiddenPalmTree, 1 Year On.

    It’s hard to believe - me included, but last week was officially my one year anniversary as a content contributor for HiddenPalmTree.
  • Where the Weebs Come out at Night - Kyodo Night Market

    “The past year, and still to this day, many people have been experiencing a lot of sadness. We wanted to offer a place that allowed you to take your mind off it all;  a source of positive energy where everyone is welcomed and everyone supports each other, no matter who you are.”