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  • Lucky Sevens - 7s Day NYC 2022

    It has been the longest item on my bucket list to attend this event ever since I started HiddenPalmTree - as I was inspired by creators such Krispy or Halcyon. After seeing them covering this event over the years, I knew one day: I myself would cover this event.
  • Here's how you can help #BLACKLIVESMATTER

    Here is how you can help >> Disclaimer: Understand that not all police officers are bad, there are some good ones whom out there joining forc...
  • Here's what you missed on Spocom Hawaii 2019 - Oct 30th 2019

    SPOCOM HAWAII 2019 Aloha, Its me again How is your halloween costume? Are they coming along? Personally I am having a bit of hard time deciding wha...
  • KJxFG Meet - Oct 27th 2019

    Photo & Post by Asher Uchiyama Aloha! I'm back, Here's the photo blog of KJxFG meet that I just went yesterday at Waipio CORPS! The meet had hu...
  • The Story

    The Story of Hiddenpalmtree. Explained!! Read our vlog on how Hiddenpalmtree was established and the meanings/intentions behind the name! Check this blog post to learn more>>