Lucky Sevens - 7s Day NYC 2022

Hi guys! It’s Asher again - reporting from NYC!
Those of who has been waiting for my return, here I am, I’m back!

It has been the longest item on my bucket list to attend this event ever since I started HiddenPalmTree - as I was inspired by creators such Krispy or Halcyon. After seeing them covering this event over the years, I knew one day: I myself would cover this event.
And guess what? This guy - a small content creator from Hawaii did it.

It was a mile stone for myself to be able to represent Hawaii in spaces that seem so unachievable. 
Let’s just cut to the chase because nobody cares about that! We want to see some cars in NYC!

My experience started off in upper Manhattan. A bit away from the midtown on the 100ths. What I saw was all these local cars lined up creating traffic under the bridge! Insane!
NYers are just built different. And when I say different, I mean things like this: 

So much energy and diversity, something really aligned with our culture in Hawaii where people are authentic, no social media or drama, just vibes. Surrounded by locals gathering around and enjoying breathing the same air, it was truly an experience.


I left the scene, got on the subway and headed to Times Square to try and catch cars roll down Broadway St. But unfortunately, I was only able to get one photo - which happened to be this BNR34!
It’s so rare to see these things as they are most of ours No.1 favorite. This was very fun.
Got to Bryant Park where they all were, insane. In the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, series of JDM cars just lined up. It’s all just so unreal.


I also want to introduce this amazing organization that started this whole '7s Day' event from the start: Prime NYC. and here’s some words from them explaining who they are.
"We are generally referred to online as "" as this is our website and IG handle. The ".co" also stands for "Concrete Originals." The concept behind that is regarding being raised in the concrete jungle but wanting to do things our own original way. More can be learned about in general on our about page. This excerpt summarizes our mission statement as well, "Our goal is to promote and curate a car community that values individuality and authenticity while using car knowledge to execute builds that represent a wide range of tuning cultures."

As for 7sDay by, we have posted the original concept and history in an Instagram here:
We also have a brief explanation of the mission of 7's day NYC in the first minute or so of the original 7sday video from 2016 here:
You can catch the overall positive energy and vibe in this year's video by Mike Koziel:

Bonus: New York, New York

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