Random JDM fan - Adrian Ma Photography

  • Flying High, Burning Out, and Doubt - Life with HiddenPalmTree, 1 Year On.

    It’s hard to believe - me included, but last week was officially my one year anniversary as a content contributor for HiddenPalmTree.
  • Where the Weebs Come out at Night - Kyodo Night Market

    “The past year, and still to this day, many people have been experiencing a lot of sadness. We wanted to offer a place that allowed you to take your mind off it all;  a source of positive energy where everyone is welcomed and everyone supports each other, no matter who you are.”

  • Fun Times After Hours - Tanoshii Nights (Otaku Month Ep. 4)

    “The word Tanoshii translates into ‘fun’ in Japanese, so in other words: we aim to offer numerous  ‘fun nights’ at each event we put together. We want to provide a family friendly event and space where everyone can be themselves when they attend events like these; no matter what their passions or hobbies may lie. “

  • South of the Border, with a little something for everyone: Cars N’ Anime San Diego (Otaku Month Ep.3)

    While it is only a recent addition to the slew of otaku car events that happen regularly in Southern California, Cars N’ Anime SD has slowly been gaining traction as yet another hotspot car and anime enthusiasts need to check out.
  • From Euro to Hero - Otaku Thursdays (Otaku Month Ep.2)

    "If you told me back in 2015 - even 2017, on what OT would become what it is now,  I would have laughed at that thought. But truthfully, its hard to believe we are now widely regarded as a pinnacle of the Otaku/car community."
  • Super Awesome - Sugoi Saturday (Otaku Month Ep.1)

    Picking off on the feature I did on Project A Class - notably its new look in the form of an ‘itasha’ livery, reminded me that the period between M...
  • Back to Basics - Project BMW 1 Series 'Anti Crossover Crossover'

    Well, it has been a while since I last posted a feature here: not since the end of February to be specific! Don’t worry: I haven’t abandoned ship, nor running into a lack of content to write features on. Not even close. 
  • Project A Class Update - What a Weeb

    I’ve been enjoying it every opportunity I have, primarily the weekends since it’s the only free time I have to drive it (plus, who wouldn’t want to deal with the congestion and hunt for parking during the workweek here?). But as with anything, eventually the urge to change things up would come by, and convince me to start looking into what else I could do with this car. 
  • Member When - Wekfest Hawaii 2020

    Around this time of the year, the car show season in Hawaii would be in full swing after the Winter break (or by Hawaii climate standards, a short period by which trade winds remain for a little longer and ever so more rainfall). Aside from the first Cars and Coffee meetup of the new year, the first big show will have also taken place. Those familiar with the show schedule on the island know that the Wekfest tour tends to kick off its yearly schedule in Honolulu; usually on the first weekend of February. 
  • Welcoming 2021 - DC2 x JDM Meet

    While most were aiming to start their Sunday mornings by waking up early for the first ‘SMD’ of 2021, I decided to go the other way; i.e sleeping in until 8 AM, and taking my time to drive over to Ocean Terminal in Tsim Tsa Tsui to treat myself to my first slap-up brunch of the year. Ideally a deli sandwich with fries, paired with an iced coffee and milkshake. 

  • We Hardly Knew You - The 2020 Review

    Well: it has been quite a past few 12 months. I’ll be honest, I myself haven’t still come to terms on what a wild ride it has been. 

    Despite us all first grappling with wildfires down under, coming close to WW3, and of course, who cannot ignore a nasty little Coronavirus spreading around the world; and even though some of us lost our jobs, loved ones; relationships & friendships died, we made it to December. We have to give ourselves props for holding on despite it all. 

  • The Dream of the 80s & 90s are alive at Sonoma - My encounter with Radwood

    Feel nostalgic about the 80s and 90s? Always preferred playing music from cassettes over MP3s? Wish every day was like an episode of Miami Vice or Knight Rider? Miss boasting your car was turbo & fuel-injected, when they were the latest in automotive innovations? Yearn for the return of pop-up headlights, LED instrument clusters, and singlet-aerobics classes?  Radwood’s calling.