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  • Tiny Machines - Tarmac Works Macau GP 2020 MiniCar Fest

    Despite not being able to physically be present at the festivities this year, Tarmac Works still aimed to launch their latest series of models paying homage to some famous cars that have made a mark in previous GPs, whilst celebrating this year's race action remotely from Hong Kong. 
  • From the Archives - My Favorite Cars from SEMA 2019

    What’s this? A back to back feature? You’re absolutely right. There was so much I wanted to write about SEMA 2019, I had to make two features to cover it all. Last week’s was a teaser, and this week, is the big one. Hope you are ready. 

  • From the Archives - Getting One Step Ahead: The SEMA Student Show

    Around this time of the year, all eyes would be on Las Vegas for the annual SEMA Show. But alas, as with all major public events, especially with a highly anticipated international audience, 2020 has claimed another victim in the form of SEMA 2020. 
  • A Home Away From Home: AutoStorage Hong Kong

    It isn’t easy trying to keep your pride and joy safe from the crazy world out there. Away from careless drivers, unpredictable weather, the natural elements, and other things that are out of your control, yet the world will happily throw your way. 
  • SMD Summaries - September - Early October 2020

     Let’s look into what interesting cars were out and about these past mornings last month in September, up until the first weekend of October, shall we? 
  • Driving your Dream Car, Everyday - Fred's Acura NSX

    When you think daily driver, what springs to mind? Usually something economical, easy to drive, park, and inconspicuous. It does not need to be special, or fast at all: just something that does the job of getting from Point A to B every time. But what if you decided to go against all that, all because you were so passionate about your dream car, that you would be willing to expose it to the elements each and every day; so you could enjoy it to its fullest, 24/7. Rain or shine. 
  • New Beginnings - Project A Class

    As much as I have written about other people’s cars, I have hardly gone into what I personally drive. After all, what is an automotive media creator without their own pride and joy? So with that in mind, I thought I would provide my own car - a moment in the spotlight for this week. 
  • Stepping Back in Time - Step4Stance 2018

    We’re all missing show season by now. There was initial hope that by this time, things would have calmed down and long-awaited shows, already pushed back from their initial dates, would finally be their time to shine. After all, with everyone stuck at home, no better opportunity to work on your build and get it show ready right?  

  • Less is More - When Subtle Mods are Just Enough

    There is a saying here in Hong Kong that best describes this approach(originally an advertising slogan for a local beauty product): ‘Less is More’.  In some ways, the ‘less’ stuff you change or modify about your car, can be for the better. 
  • Automotive Magazines - A Dying Breed, and What's Next?

    While some major magazines such as Top Gear, Evo, and Car & Driver have been able to continue publishing physical copies, it is now a question of how long their borrowed time will last now. Advertising revenue can only sustain so much, combined with how many staff are willing to take a pay-cut to continue their job.
  • The Honda S2000 - The Roadster of our Times?

    Is the Honda S2000, truly the roadster of our times? The perfect rear-wheel-drive, manual, easily-modifiable tuner car that every aspiring tuner has to experience at least once?  The tuner that this generation, is ever more vested in? And why?
  • SouthOC Cars and Coffee - Socal Car Culture at its best.

    Well, I was hoping to continue with more stories from the car scene of Hong Kong, following last week’s feature about Sunday Morning Drive meets. S...